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Renewable Power Opportunities


Smith Creek

Hydroelectric Dam

Smith Creek Idaho is a name-plated 39MW run of the river hydro project with a connection to the grid via a 115kW transmission line, 30 miles of transmission line and towers wholly owned, connecting to Bonneville Power (BPA).
●Project includes a 12 foot-high, 95 foot wide diversion dam with 3 sluice gates, trash rack, and fish ladder at elevation 3,440 feet msl. An intake structure connects to an approximately 27,400 foot-long buried steel penstock that necks from 72-inches down to 57-inches in diameter.



Hydroelectric Project

●Project includes approximately 2200 acres of forest land and about 10 miles of river frontage and riparian corridor.
●Location begins approximately six miles west of Mt. Rainier National Park. Water is diverted from the river along a 10.2 mile wooden flume (topped with a railroad) to a forebay, then plunges 875 feet downhill through steel penstocks to the 26 MW Powerhouse. The Project produces enough renewable energy to power more than 20,000 homes.


Bonners Ferry, Idaho

Special Opportunity Zone

●Enhanced investment tax credit of 3.75% up to $750,000 or 62.5% of corporate income tax liability in any one year.
●New jobs tax credit from $1,500 - $3,000 for new jobs
●2.5% real property improvement corporate income tax credit up to $125,000 in any one year along with a 25% rebate on sales tax paid on construction materials for new facilities
●New jobs eligible for the Idaho Tax Reimbursement Incentive. Awards a maximum credit of 30% on income, payroll withholdings, and sales taxes for up to 15 years