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Renewable Power for Digital Networks

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"Tsunami of data could consume one fifth of global electricity by 2025."

GreenMine was created to help stem the use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions consumed by data networks.

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Power to Reduce Big Data Carbon Footprint

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Acquiring & Upgrading Legacy Renewable Infrastructure


GreenMine data centers provide Commercial data consumers with efficient, economical and responsible power consumption.

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ESG & Impact Investors

Institutions have few viable options when considering allocating capital at the intersection of digital networks and power infrastructure. As big data continues to absorb energy, GreenMine offers a responsible ecological solution for the monetization and reduction of carbon emissions.

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ESG Digital for Institutions

GreenMine structures asset collateralized yield with diversified income streams and limited digital asset volatility exposure. Our structured opportunities for ESG cover the full capital stack. Please inquire to review how GreenMine can meet your investment objectives.

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GreenMine Solution

We provide investment grade opportunities to ESG & Impact investors. At GreenMine, we focus on environmentally responsible allocation of renewable energy for big compute. We diversify capital across our power assets, data hosting, and proprietary operations.

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Renewable Power Assets

We own, acquire and enhance legacy renewable power assets for positive environmental impact to support and grow large digital networks in North America. GreenMine deploys energy to responsible commercial data consumers in growing markets through our infrastructure asset portfolios.


Houston, Texas

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